Escrow is not used by many brokerage firms in Africa but we make use of it. There are several reasons why we use escrows. We aim to protect the owners and clients.


How we process escrow:

  • We receive the buyer's funds.
  • We meet with the seller and discuss terms.
  • Having in mind that investigation has been thoroughly done.
  • We process and arrange all the relevant documents.
  • Buyer has access to the property for specified hours or several days.
  • Buyer has till the end of the time limit to make a decision.
  • If it is past the agreed deadline and the buyer doesn't make a decision, we start paying the owner of the property except the buyer withdraws interest.

Escrow is very important. It gives you more time to make up your mind and also allows the sellers to protect their time.

We operate two escrows. Rentals & Purchase escrows.