About Property Police

Property Police is a real estate anti-fraud and acquisition brand. Serving buyers and sellers of luxury and normal properties in Nigeria. We investigate and advise organizations, companies on real estate acquisition.
The company is constituted of a close group of talented Realtors, Criminologists, Lawyers, etc.

The firm has investigated more than $10M+ in total sales and has $3 million in active registration processes, the firm investigates over one hundred deals annually and has acted as a third-party representative to many companies, organisations and individuals who do not intend for their identities to be known for security purposes.

We have built the world's most convenient and secure system within an affordable pricing range that ensures our customers are satisfied

CEO, Property Police


To be the world's biggest protector of our customer's real estate assets and real estate interests. With Property Police, customers can trust and believe in real estate business processes without fear or regret.


To achieve high-quality, efficient real estate acquisition systems and solutions for people and organizations.


Our Values

Integrity beyond the law. Loyalty beyond money.
Trust beyond opportunity. Excellence over mediocrity.
Service innovation.


We work with a diverse network of realtors, lawyers, climatologists in different states, countries and jurisdictions.


We are focused on fostering a better world. Where our clients will not just be dependent on us but will use the word trustworthy while describing our relationship.


Excellence is our greatest fuel. We are dedicated to the act of delivering efficient services beyond the imagination of our customers.


We see the results. We know how to get the results. That's what we deliver.